A fashion grads guide to doing the University of Auckland’s MBA

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Overcoming No-ism and Big Girls Do Cry: MBYay Y2Q3

Over the years, I have had a few lofty goals pile up on my to-do…

University of Auckland MBA The Unimpossibles Darl Kolb
It’s a stretch! Q1Y2 of My MBYay

When I walked into the Sir Owen G Glenn Room on Friday 11th January 2019,…

Professor Suvi Nenonen Director of the Graduate School of Management University of Auckland The Unimpossibles
Professor Suvi Nenonen, Director of the Graduate School of Management, University of Auckland

I have been very fortunate to have met some very talented and inspiring women in…

UOA MBA financial management cource executive education
Let’s get lit. Financially Lit – Q3 of my MBYay!

I did the unimpossible. I worked my butt off and got my GPA up +11%…

Queenstown Milford Sound New Zealand Snowy Mountain
Q2 of my MByay and an escape to the bottom of the world

Woah. omg. Blink and I am here! It has been about six months since I…

Girls Guide to doing an MBA
A Girls Guide to Surviving an MBA

I have been wanting to do an MBA since completing my Graduate Diploma in Business…

University of Auckland MBA The Unimpossibles
I haven’t come this far, to only come this far. AKA Why I am doing an MBA with UoA

So the cat is out of the bag (no pun intended). I am officially moving…