The Unimpossibles

The Unimpossibles are all about finding out ways on how to make the unimpossible, possibles. We scour the world looking for yummy healthy food and unique travel destinations an as well as interviewing some of the worlds most successful mega bosses who are disrupting their industries with their innovative business models.



Catalina is totally obsessed with healthy but delicious treats, awesome DIYs, yoga, fashion and awkward selfies. Ergo, that’s why she is Editor in Chef… it’s a pun… get it?!

She usually lives in Auckland but dreams of escaping to far away places. Her current hobbies include making raw muesli, perfecting the perfect Spotify playlist, compulsive bike riding and musing the bigger things to life.

By day she works as a Head of Content and has extensive experience in e-commerce, operations, marketing, social media, UX, analytics and more. If you wish to drop her a line about consulting, catering, collaborating, adding to her sweet playlist or anything else, email her at