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super easy DIY concrete doorstop/bookend

super easy DIY concrete doorstop/bookend

concrete bookend doorstopThis DIY is actually a bit of a joke because it is so easy. Doorstops are often forgotten about until you really need one. Most available door stops are either cheap ugly plastic wedges, or the nice designer-y ones are expensive for what they are. Bookends are an even worse example of this. This DIY has a great end result, but is really quick and easy.

DIY concrete doorstop

To make a concrete doorstop or bookend, you simply need to buy a TV. Just kidding – but you’ll need some┬ápolystyrene packaging. Most new appliances come wrapped in the stuff and have the perfect voids to cast crazy shapes – if you’re not in the market for buying anything new any time soon, ask your local appliance store if they have any they are chucking away or use a rubber/silicon mould instead. If you’re stuck even for that, try a plastic container – some takeaway boxes have great shapes. You can get quite creative here. As long as you can get the concrete out, give it a try.

I’m sure you get some good karma credits here for at least trying to do something with the polystyrene before it goes into the landfill. Like, real sure.

DIY concrete bookend

You will need:
Quick set read mixed concrete
Polystyrene packaging or alternative mould

Basically, you do this:

DIY concrete doorstop instructions

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Take it out and done:
DIY concrete doorstop

A little more detailed instructions:
1. Mix concrete according to packet
2. Pour into mould
3. Tap out any air bubbles by gently hitting the sides
4. Leave to set for recommended time
5. Break apart the mould
6. Do light sanding (I liked the texture so I left it)
7. Paint if you wish

Easy! Now you are like, totally designer and stuff.


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